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    ZXS 2000 shredder is a real beast!

    ZXS 2000 shredder is a real beast!

    ONE of Zerma’s most formidable recycling systems, a ZXS-2000 shredder, has recently gone into operation at one of South Africa’s top recycling businesses where it is being used for the processing of various plastic materials. The main features of the ZXS-2000 is efficient design-for-purpose and extremely rugged and application-proven construc-
    tion. The ZXS series is designed for high-capacity shredding of a wide variety of demanding materials, from large lumps and PE-100 pipe, large-volume hollow containers, tyres, and the notoriously difficult stretch/pallet wrap and other films.

    For most of South Africa’s recyclers, percentages of post-consumer material have increased in recent years, partly the result of the appearance of many small-scale collectors who have fashioned small businesses in this sector and hence the expansion of collection systems. But this has also presented a new challenge for recycling machine manufacturers, since the processing of dirty post-consumer material invariably presents additional demands on the machine–specifically that wear of machine parts is increased. It’s in this area that Zerma has proven capabilities: it has been building granulators and shredders since 1943 and has first-hand recycling experience. And its decision to move its machine productioncentre from Germany to Shanghai in 1999 has enabled it to further improve its capabilities, with a full arsenal of wear resistant options, easily exchangeable wear parts, and protective design features.

    As its name suggests, the ZXS-2000 is able to shred large quantities of material and processors have regularly achieved tonnages of over 4 tons an hour (4000kgs/hr). At optimum levels, a recycler could hence process over 80 tons of material a day. And the quality of shredded material generated is well-suited to subsequent re-extrusion – meaning that the overall turnaround time from the arrival of bailed material to the production of re- extruded pellets is streamlined.